From 1st July 2017 onwards, Aadhaar number is a mandatory requirement for filing income tax returns (ITR). Persons not having Aadhaar number must apply for it and can mention Aadhaar enrolment ID while filing ITR. It must also be linked to your PAN Card.Every assessee is required to disclose PAN Number and all Bank account details while filing Income Tax Return. 


Here is the list of information, which has to be provided for bank account:


a. Total number of bank accounts both savings account and current account held by you at anytime during 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018.

b. Name of the Bank(s)

c. Account Number – Provide your bank account number. There must be 9 or more digits in your bank account number.

d. IFSC Code of the Bank – You should be able to find it in the cheque book of the bank where you have an account or online with the bank. 

e. Mention whether the account is a savings account or a current account

f. Select the account where you want to receive refund of tax – You have to select the account where you would like refund to be credited irrespective of whether you have a refund due or not in your income tax return (ITR).

g. It is not compulsory to provide details of bank accounts, which are dormant (inoperative)