Mandatory Documents to file your Taxes

1. Pan Card 
2. Aadhar Card
3. Bank Account Details including IFSC Code
4. Self Assessment Tax Challan details – you will need to provide this after we determine your tax liability. 
5. GSTIN if you are liable to get one.


Documents related to Business Income

1.  All Bank Account Statements    

2. Credit Card Statements 

3. Cash Book Daily Cash Register

4. Details of Sale/Purchases Invoices.

5. Previous year Trial Balance, Balance Sheet

6. Previous year Income Tax Return

7. Details of Fixed Assets/ Capital Assets acquired/sold during the    year

8. Proof of contributions eligible for deduction under Chapter VI A  of Income (80G) Tax Act, 1961.

9. Copy of challan of Self AssessmentTax or Advance Tax Paid.

10. Details of investment (shares, mutual fund etc.) purchased, sold and held. DEMAT Statement, if Available.


Original expense vouchers - 

Typical List of expenses

1. Telephone and Internet bills

2. Rent for office space

3. Work-related meal and travel expenses

4. Advertising, promotional & printing exp

5. Depreciation on assets such as laptops or computers

6. Conveyance expenses for work

Documents to determine Income from Salary

Likely Required Documents

1. Form 26AS – to cross check TDS deduction on any other income

2. Form 16 – salary income details, if salaried after retirement

Unlikely documents will on by required depending on case by case

1. Travel bills – to claim Leave Travel allowance.

2. PF Withdrawal details – incase you have drawn out funds from your provident fund

3. Full and Final (F&F) Settlement Sheet – if you switched jobs mid-year

4. Joining Bonus details – If you received a joining bonus when you switched jobs

5. Form 10e – if you have salary in arrears or advance


Documents related to your House Property

To calculate rent income earned from multiple properties owned
1. Address of all Properties from which you are earning rent
2. Rent Agreements of all properties you are earning rent
3. Owner or co-owner details of all properties
4. TDS on Rent/Form 16A or 16C
Property tax or house tax receipts of all properties
To claim deduction against Housing Loan
1. Interest certificate in case of loan
2. Ownership Details of property
3. Address of property
Pre-construction details 
To claim unclaimed HRA
1. Rent Agreement
2. Rent Receipts 

Documents to determine your Income from Other Sources

Likely required documents
1. Bank Statements
2. Interest from FD (TDS Certificate – Form 16A)


Unlikely documents will on by required depending on case by case

1. National Saving Certificates
2. Agricultural income details
3. Lottery winning
4. Clubbed income
Dividend income/ warrants (Bank statements)

Documents to determine your Capital Gains Income

If you have Capital gains from sale of property or land

1. Deed of Purchase of property/land

2. Deed of sale of property land

3. Receipts of improvements made (if any)

4. Expenses that may have occurred in transfer of the land/property

5. Re-investment purchase deed. 


If you have capital gains from Capital market investments (bonds, shares, derivatives etc.)
1. Holding statement as of 31st March of the financial year for which your are paying taxes and previous financial year.
2. Capital Gains snapshot provided by your depository
3. Contract notes

If you have capital gains from other capital assets

1. Purchase Documents

2. Sale Documents

3. Cost of Improvement documents (If any)

Documents to claim Deductions

To claim deductions under section 80C – if you   have made any one of these investments furnish documents for the same
1. Public Provident Fund
2. National Saving Certificate
4. Equity Link saving scheme (ELSS)
5. Contribution to Provident fund
6. Children’s School tution fees
7. Principal repayment on housing loan.
8. Stamp duty and registration charges, incase you have purchased a property
9. Tax saving investment in FD

Unlikely investment options for tax deduction
1. Taxing saving donation receipts 
2. Senior Citizen Saving scheme
3. Education Loan Interest Payment under section 80E
4. Investment in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana