ITR-V means ‘Income Tax Return – Verification’ Form. It is a single page document. You will receive this after e-filing your Income Tax Return. It is received from Income Tax Department on your registered email id. It can also be downloaded from Income Tax department’s website after login your account. On receipt of Form ITR-V, you are required sign the copy of Form ITR-V with ‘blue ink’ and send it to the Income Tax Department CPC, Bangalore. The other option is, you can e-verify your return online, where you’re not supposed to send the ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore.

Due Date to E-Verify or send ITR to CPC, Bangalore?

You will get 120 days from the day of filing your Income Tax Return to send ITR-V to CPC or to E-Verify your return online.


What if I fail to send ITR-V to CPC?

In case you do not send your ITR-V or E-Verify in time allowed i.e. within 120 days, then Income Tax department will consider your ITR invalid.


Steps to Download ITR-V Form

After e-filing your Income Tax Return, the Income Tax department sends ITR-V acknowledgement to your registered email ID. In case, if you haven’t received ITR-V through email, don’t worry. You can still download it by following below methods:




Step-1 Visit to 


Step-2 Click “Login Here” button on the top right corner and to login to your account. In case you do not have an account, then you can click on “Register Yourself” button present just above “Login Here”.

Step-3 After clicking on “Login Here”, provide your “User ID” (i.e. your PAN number) and “Password” along with “Captcha Code” in the blanks provided in the following page and click on the “Login” tab.




Step-4 After logging in, click on “View Returns / Forms” option


Step-5 Select the option “Income Tax Returns” and relevant “Assessment Year” and click “Submit” button.

Step -6 Click on Acknowledgement number of the ITR/Form for which you want to download ITR V.

Step-7 Select “ITR –V/Acknowledgement” to download.


Step-8 After downloading the ITR-V/Acknowledgment, enter the password to open the document.


To open your ITR-V and ITR-1 you will need a password - which is your PAN number

in lowercase and your date of birth, without any space.


For Example –if your PAN is AJAXPA1111F and Date of birth is 01/01/1975. Your password

will be : ajaxpa1111f01011975

You can either e-verify or send a signed copy of ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore within 120 days of e-filing your Income Tax return.


Method 2

· Login to the government’s Income Tax e-filing website

· Go to “My Account” 

· Click on “View e-Filed Returns/Forms”

· Select “e-Filed Returns/Forms” from the drop down list

· Select on “Submit” button

· Select “ITR-V.” of the relevant assessment year’s

· Click on “ITR-V/Acknowledgement” option from the new dialogue box to download ITR-V


If you’ve downloaded the ITR-V from the Income Tax Department’s website, you’ll need a password to open it.


Guidelines for ITR V

· Only A4 Size white sheets should be used

· ITR –V should be printed in black ink only. Do not use any other ink option to print ITR V.

· The document that is mailed to CPC, Bangalore should be signed in original in BLUE INK.

· Do not write on the back page of the printed form

· Do not use stapler on ITR-V acknowledgment.

· Perforated paper or any other size paper should be avoided.

· Signatures photocopy will not be accepted.

· Do not print any kind of watermarks on ITR V.

· Clearly visible Bar code and the numbers 

· Make sure the print out of the form is clear and not faded

· You can send your ITR V form to Post Bag No-1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560100, by ordinary post or speed post

Methods of Verification (E-Verify):

1.     Aadhar OTP verification

2.     Net banking

3.     Electronic Verification Code (EVC)

What should I do if my ITR-V is Rejected?

If you find out that the status of your Income Tax Return is "ITR-V Rejected".

 When you click on the acknowledgement number, you'll be able to see the reason for ITR-V rejection.


If you see the reason for rejection is "Filing date has exceeded the due date", that means you haven't signed and sent your ITR-V acknowledgement to CPC-Bangalore or you haven’t E-Verified your ITR within 120 days of e Filing.


What to do now?

You can file a revised return and send the revised ITR-V to CPC Bangalore or E-verify it online.

You'll receive your revised ITR-V by email.